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Topic: Happiness I hope all my days will be lit by your face
07:25pm, Thursday 19 Aug 2010
Song of the Day: Keane - Atlantic

So here I am, back in Adelaide and it sure feels ... weird.

Ok so it's been like 7 years - almost as long as it's been since I updated this blog - badoom TISH! But seriously, I was thinking today about my blog and realised that I was writing this long before there WERE blogs. Back then an online diary was considered an affectation at best, stupidly self indulgent drivel at worst (and mine was no exception). Way to be an early adopter.

So we've been back here a few months now. I say we... I left Australia a socially unfit young lady and arrived back all mature and proper and stuff. OK maybe not. But I did bring back a husband and a lot of good travel memories. Unfortunately the latter does not pay the rent but thankfully I have the former for trivial stuff like that. Well I would do if the situation didn't dictate that I needed to get a job like NOW and fast. So I did.

Our life in England was quite unhappy at the end. I think I realised a few years ago it was on the slide when we had a few holidays in a row where we just did not seem to have a good time. We went on a cruise to the Carribean and just could not find a lot to smile about. If you're unhappy in that kind of environment there's something seriously wrong, I reckon. After a bit of analysis it didn't take long to come to the conclusion that as nice as our (rented) flat and cushy jobs were, the commute sucked and those new neighbours that moved in were kinda rowdy. Add to that the wanting to have a family and probably a dog and a garden and fuckit, if we're dreaming why not chuck in some half decent weather, and the decision became pretty obvious. Time to up sticks whilst we were still "young".

So we saved up and we saved up and we saved up because it wasn't good enough to move to Australia - oh no... we had to travel on the way home too. And boy what travel we did! We took a month and a road trip across the USA. In lots of ways it was fantastic, but in other ways it only demonstrated just how low we had sunk emotionally and spiritually that even this did not make us ecstatic with joy. Having said that, I would have done it all over again if I'd had the chance!

So we got here and I thought my biggest problem would be running into people I once knew and having to explain why I hadn't really progressed in life re: mortgage & 2.4 kids. But I was wrong. The biggest problem was getting my head around how much things had changed... and not for the better. What happened to my sleepy little comfortable city, perfect for bringing up kids/retiring/growing up? It seems like it has grown by quite a bit, the buses are just that bit busier, the driving just that bit more stressful, it makes me sigh a little. The biggest change by far though, is the cost of everything. Jesus H... I'm not kidding, it costs just as much - if not more - for everything here as it does in London. That's Central London btw, not the outer bits where you can get bargains. London! WTF has happened, Adelaide? WHY? The only thing cheaper here that the UK is petrol. I don't want to be a whinging person constantly drawing comparisons but I really noticed it.

So eventually we both got jobs, and a house, and now we have our gorgeous dog Sammy who is a total terror and the love of my life, without a doubt. One day will be the kids and life will be complete. Best thing about moving back here? Getting a car again.. damn if I didn't miss having my own wheels.

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