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Topic: Happiness Crystal ball save us all, tell me life is beautiful
09:55pm, Sunday 17 Jun 2007
Song of the Day: Crystal Ball - Keane

Whoa.. I forgot how to log in to my site which is why I haven't updated. My bad.

I decided to switch mail clients today and in doing so spent some time reading through old folders of emails I'd squirreled away from friends long gone. Ever done that? It's truly enlightening. Even stuff which seemed like a big deal at the time make you laugh. I found myself agonising over some guy called Chris back in 2003.. who the hell was that? I have no idea who this guy is. Totally funny.

I spent some time emailing a whole bunch of people I knew way back then.. friends I'd lost touch with and so on. Quite a few bounced back - does nobody keep email addresses anymore? Must be just me. On second thoughts, there was probably a good reason why half of them stopped talking to me.. maybe I should see it as a sign! :)

Life here is going swimmingly. I've got Glastonbury coming up this week, I just can't wait! (soo sad!). Looking through old mails I found this page I'd made on Glasto 2005 (still wearing the wristband, dammit!). Enjoy.

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