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02:47am, Monday 22 Jan 2007
Song of the Day: Snow Patrol - You're All I Have

W00t! First post of 2007..

So I'm in Bellevue (a suburb in Seattle) for work again and its 7am on a Sunday morning (damn jet lag). I just had to blog about this because I'm staying in quite possibly the best hotel room ever. Not because its luxurious or any of that (ok it is a bit above my usual hostel-level of accomodation) but because its the corner room on the 18th floor and it has windows around 1/2 the walls. It's not quite sunrise yet and out one side in the distance I can see snow tipped mountains, with loads and loads of fir trees dotted on the landscape. I wish I'd bought my camera to show you, but its lovely.

On the other wall I can see downtown Seattle in the distance with a wall of beautiful tall trees lining the banks of the Puget sound. It's even more awe inspiring because it is 7am on a Sunday morning and there is almost no movement. The best part is going to bed at night, in addition to the bed almost as big as mine at home, because the windows are floor to ceiling if I open the curtains I can go to sleep looking out over all the lights in Bellevue and it is such a lovely sight!

The stores around here are massive, I can see huge buildings with names I've never heard of like Bartel Drugs QVC, Pier1 Imports. There are loads that everyone's heard of, Subway, Papa John's Pizza (awful pizza in the UK!), but so far no Starbucks (born in Seattle!). Everyone you talk to works for Microsoft, Boeing or some other technology company. It's weird but it feels a lot like Adelaide in size.

I need to go find some shopping.. its about time! It's a bit lonely here, but the picture of us Stuart gave me before I left makes me feel better. It's going to be a crazy busy week.

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