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Topic: Rants
08:19pm, Thursday 7 Jul 2005

Fuck me. Like seriously, fuck. I knew when I moved here something like this could probably happen, but I wasn't prepared for it.

I called my mum, she hadn't yet heard about the blasts in London. She was hysterical. I am still shaking, although I wasn't involved. Today I came to work early because I am flat out - if Stuart had stayed at mine last night, we would have been on the train when it happened. I am fucking freaked out, to say the least.

Thankfully, everyone I know is safe and OK. I am filled with rage that people could do this with my city. Yeah, I feel like its mine. Hearing the familiar stations like Kings Cross, Euston, Liverpool Street (where I was just last Sunday), Edgware Road - it just saddens me. I feel sick. I am so sad for those people that were hurt and/or died.

Fuck me this is a sad world we live in.

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