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10:59pm, Wednesday 11 May 2005
Song of the Day: The Coral - In The Morning

Hmm is it any wonder I love X?

Just played:

* In The Morning - The Coral
* This is the Last Time - Keane
* White Stripes - Blue Orchid
* Please Stand Up - British Sea Power
* The Connells - '74-'75
* Razorlight - Somewhere Else
* Athlete - Wires (I dare you not to cry at this one!)

OK OK so they play far too much of the newer bandwagon crap (Futureheads, Kaiser Chiefs et al) but with playlists like that, they're forgiven.

Speaking of which.. cos the weather is getting nicer I've taken to sleeping with my curtains open and making my alarm use the radio to wake me up. It usually means I wake up in a sunlit room with the dulcet tones of Christian "Rawk" O'Connell in the background. Lately though.. seems like my brain is not processing the sound, and goes back to sleep. But I can't stand the beep beep beep of the friggin alarm clock so what to do..? answers on a postcard please!

Prague was lovely. Its the most beautiful city I've visited.. and I swear one day I will get some sort of photo gallery up and running. The beer was ridiculously cheap (Stuart amazingly behaved his lovely self), the food was some of the best quality I've ever had (pan friend butterfish and a downright amazing mash = heaven) and the landscape.. oh wow. It was truly breathtaking. We spent 3 lovely days there basking in the sun (I think my body went into shock) and walked EVERYWHERE. This is a city to go to.. will definately be back again!

Dinner with Stu's parents tonight. They're quite lovely.. and they seem to like me, which is a first. Come to think of it.. everyone around Stuart thinks I'm OK.. I wonder if they do personality transplants at Heathrow? :p

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