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10:22pm, Tuesday 26 Apr 2005
Song of the Day: Muse - Muscle Museum

I think spring is coming..

It's been weird here, some days really nice and then halfway through the day it turns to shit.

I went out to Angel on Sunday for a lovely brunch with Stu.. tapas outdoors with the sun shining.. lovely. Except when the rain came. This is my first April in London and I guess they don't call it April Showers for nothing!

Recently heard the new White Stripes song, Blue Orchid. Needless to say, its rockin'.. seriously, its very different to Seven Nation Army, Hardest Button to Button et al, but it is an instant classic. Can't WAIT to see them at Glasto in June (no, really). (Ditto Coldplay.. their new song is growing on me.. although 'Lyla' by Oasis sucked at first play its ok.. then theres the new British Sea Power song that I like... and then there's.. well, you get the idea!)

Speaking of Glasto, I've kicked off the festival-related gumf buying frenzy by getting our tent and boy is it a beauty! We put it up in my lounge (which is rather large) and it took up most of it. I'm so excited. I've bought battery powered fairy lights for the interior and I'm thinking of turning it into a boudoir. I suspect by the time its time to go though I'll abandon the idea over not lugging 20kgs of useless crap across Worthy Farm.

The line up this year is fucking amazing. Seriously, I went last year and I didn't see much on the line up that appealed (until I got there that is, and heard so much new stuff it fueled the rest of my summer).. this year I have far too many things I want to see :( I am SO looking forward to summer.. I am over this British weather. This year I might do the rollerblading thing in Hyde Park again cos it was so cool last time.. and maybe spend more time in pubs.. and going to gigs.. and all those things that are so much better when the weather is good.

I should start a gig list.. *idea*.. hmmm

In other news I'm off to romantic Prague on Thursday for the bank holiday weekend..I pity the fool!

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