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03:37am, Saturday 22 Jan 2005 (Updated Tue 25 Jan 2005)
Song of the Day: Pearl Jam - Hail Hail

It's been a while.. so I thought I'd post. Miss me?

Have had an absolutely storming couple of months, kicking off somewhere around the end of November and still going strong. Time flies like theres no tomorrow for the luckiest girl in the world and it doesn't look to be letting up at ALL!

Spent christmas on my own navel gazing and pondering the meaning of my (English) life.. no answers there. Spent new years in the company of (scarily fantastic) Stuart grooving at the Garage. Best. Club. Ever. Spent the last few weeks running late for work (his fault :), late for class, late for everything.

I have been taking classes just for the lack of anything else to do in these cold winter months. I take a guitar class twice a week, and a programming class on Saturday mornings. I thought I could handle it but it seems like I got no time for nothin'.. and I'm a dumbass with sore fingers when it comes to the guitar. Still, I am the happiest I've ever been in my life and that's gotta count for something!

Went to Dublin last weekend and had a ball. Originally planned to go on my own, but since meeting Stu it seemed only natural he come along. We went EVERYWHERE! Dublin is just like Adelaide.. small and easy to walk around. Expensive to drink - I'll grant that - and people not smoking in pubs was a nicer atmosphere.. but for a tourist it was a fantastic place to go.

Highlights included Dublin Castle, O'Connell and Grafton Streets for shopping, the Temple Bar (both the area and the pub.. second to none!) and Christchurch. We had some fantastic food, and several bottles of wine sneaked up to our hotel room (via slightly dodgy supermarkets) meant that I ended up falling asleep whilst Stuart watched the football.. result for everyone!

Travelling with guys historically has been bad for me (Brussels, anyone?) so it was a huge surprise when this trip not only worked out, but was possibly one of the most fun weekends I've ever had :) The next trip we're doing is Prague which should be interesting.. although I got Warsaw with Kathryn before that which is going to be an eyebrow raiser since neither of us are no longer footloose and fancy free!

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