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Topic: Happiness Life goes easy on me.. most of the time
08:13pm, Wednesday 22 Dec 2004
Song of the Day: Damien Rice - The Blowers Daughter

Sometime in the last month or so I think I accidentally kicked over an invisible box of luck cos these past few weeks have been absolutely amazing.

I've had a few nights out with friends that have gone stellar in terms of happiness and hilarity, I've got to see/greet/smooch Keane again (no I will not shut up about it!), bought my lovely iRiver and it turned out to be far better than originally thought (iPods suck!), I met the ever lovely Stuart (who continues to surprise the hell out of me in many interesting and good ways), got my new PC (and 21 solid inches of kick ass monitor, thankyouverymuch) so now I can play the Sims2 in blissful happiness, I saw Jimmy Carr @ the Apollo last week with the young and impressionable Jason Standing, and then on Sunday night I went to see Muse @ Earl's Court which included a backstage pass (courtesy of aforementioned sex god). Oh, and as I write this Kathryn just brought my a bacon bap for breakfast. Like I said, a big box of luck and I couldn't be more grateful.

December 2004 will be remembered for being a good month. I think I'm in love. Well, definately lust. And its Christmas. And Oxford St still sucks (a trip there last night tested my patience no end).. and I've got tickets for Razorlight @ Ally Pally next year.. and me and Kathryn made up.. and I'm at my favourite club (the Garage.. but you knew that right?) for new years eve.. and I got a payrise and a generous christmas bonus.. and I came to work on Monday with a champagne hangover from Muse and I didn't care.. and we had the best seats in the house at the gig (highlights included 'Plug In Baby' and 'Time is Running Out').. and Matt Bellamy is lovely, ditto his girlfriend.. and I am Bridget Jones no more! (but I miss her sometimes)..

Merry Christmas to all my friends, family and other random stalkers.

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