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Topic: Happiness An ending fitting for the start
09:22pm, Sunday 24 Oct 2004
Song of the Day: The Libertines - Can't Stand Me Now

With the exception of Fridays (for obvious reasons), Sundays have become one my favourite days of the week since moving to this city.

Sundays are for recovery, for sloth, for being thankful theres one more day til you're back to the grindstone that is your 9 to 5. Today however.. its was for rebalancing.

Rewind.. my first week back at work last week was pretty uneventful. With the exception of Michael's departure and some startling revelations as a result thereof, it was pretty boring. Like I'd never left.. same old shit. On Friday I joined the work group for a few much needed drinks in the Talbot, where something strange happened. Everyone seemed to think they had more money than they really did. Or maybe they had too much and didn't know where to put it. Either way, the round buying game was stepped up a notch when the rounds of drinks became rounds of champagne - bottles. Fuck me.. the easiest way to get Barclays pissed off is to participate in this "sport". And I don't even like champagne. But there you go. It was a minor celebration (of what? "wahey! I'm eating baked beans for the next month!") but it was a tonne of fun. Champagne seems to effect people (well, me) differently to other alcohols. For a start, you get pissed. Fast. You think you're the funniest person in the room. You think everyone fancies you. You think you can easily walk past that obstacle between you and bathroom without knocking it over (you can't). Ok so maybe its not different to every other alcohol. MY POINT IS (and I do have one.somewhere.. I think it fell down behind the cooker actually) that champagne guzzling is for tossers. Obviously.

So Saturday I decided this would be my weekend of doing nothing. Cos last weekend was one of - putting it mildly - searing god-forsaken white-hot hell. Travelling will do that to you. Running around catching crowded busses, waiting for planes, paying 4 quid for a diet coke in some foreign airport, authority figures confusing 'Austrian' and 'Australian' with hair-raising effects (glad they cleared that up.. I kind of like my room) and the crapness of going from 27 beautiful degrees by the pool to 9 degrees in London by a different kind of pool. Like I said, hell.

So what did I do? Well, I caught up on my tv watching (the ending of the series NY-Lon matched my mood perfectly.. bless), and downloaded both series of Spaced to watch after checking out the dvd extras on Shaun of the Dead (oh will I ever shut up about that movie??). Loving Spaced.. and I think I have a bit of a soft spot for Edgar Wright now. And I decided not to go out due to the attractiveness of pizza and Spaced combo... I'm so lazy. Glad I didn't either.. for the first time in ages I am not hungover on a Sunday!

Life is good. Things are slowly getting back to normal, and the best news is I have a date next week! Wish me luck :)

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