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12:14am, Sunday 3 Oct 2004
Song of the Day: I Am Kloot - Storm Warning

September was mad.. absolutely fucking beserk.

Went to Amsterdam, must have walked a hundred miles. Beautiful, beautiful city. Visited the Van Gogh museum (not big on museums, but friggin love VG) and took the Heineken Experience tour round the brewery.. highly recommended. Took in some cafes, had some green, the world was brilliant but for this nagging thing in my mind..

So I'll just say it: its not going so well with Michael. As discussed, when he leaves that will be the end of it because its just impossible to do the long distance thing.. I'm cool with this. I feel as though I've already been through a break up.. a long drawn out theatrical drama and I am sad.

We have, however, not allowed it to get us down and have been getting on with things. Michael went to Paris, and then to Spain, and monday we go to Turkey. Travelling is cool. So there you have it.

I went to a live commentary screening of Shaun of The Dead in Leicester Square recently. I've seen it a few times already, so listening to Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Lucy Davis and director Edgar Wright talk all the way through the film telling silly stories was hilarious. Those guys are so cool, they had an open bar (SCORE!) and we sat around talking to them after the screening. If you haven't seen the movie, go get it. Seriously, its THAT good.

I got invited along with 200 other fans to be in the next Keane video for 'This Is The Last Time' (probably my favourite on their album 'Hopes & Fears') next Monday as they're shooting in central London. But dammit if I'm not gunna be in Turkey that day. Fuck. I am mega pissed. The chance to hug Tom Chaplin again and I can't do it. But thats this place for you... anything thats produced locally (music, films) and you can usually blag your way into meeting the people involved. I don't think I can ever go home.

Moving right along, I've spent a lot of nights out this month.. and made some wicked new friends. Music is just fucking BURSTING here with bands like The Libertines (god how I love The Libertines), The Music (who I blagged tickets for live last week.. and they fucking rocked!), The Killers, new stuff from U2, the new REM song 'Leaving New York' which is just lovely, Kasabian, Snow Patrol, Razorlight, Babyshambles, Dirty Vegas, Keane (a soft spot in my heart for the band everyone loves to diss), and most especially, the greatest fucking radio station in the world, XFM. I swear, I am here 10 years too late... the indie scene is going off, I am totally in my element and I'm at least 5 years older than everyone else. But fuck it.. life is for living. And getting in the mosh. So what are you waiting for?

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