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12:24am, Friday 2 Apr 2004
Song of the Day: White Stripes - Apple Blossom

I don't know if its the change of seasons or what, but I feel weird.

Or maybe its cos I'm sick. Today is my second day off work sick, and with only 5 actual work days to go before I go home, I really can't afford to get sick now.

Today I got bored and looked up a livejournal of someone that I once knew. Man, is she descriptive! I found out so much more than I really wanted to know and cursed myself for being so curious (curiosity really DID kill the cat!). Still, she's happy and whatever.. good for her. One cathartic email to Jason and all was right with the world again. Phew.

I can't stop listening to White Stripes stuff. I hunt around at fan posts and read the gossip and hope, nay pray, they'll play at Glastonbury this year (no fucking chance, I expect). Tickets for Glastonbury go on sale tonight at 8pm UK time.. and I'm there I swear it. Sharon is calling for them and I'm crossing fingers we get some. Last year they sold 112,000 tickets making it surely one of the biggest music festival events in the world?

As well as Glasto, I am hoping to get to the Reading Festival in August cos damn if the White Stripes aren't playing on the 28th (their only UK show too, dammit). I am considering selling my soul to the devil.. if only I could find someone to go with me! (Glasto is one thing, but I don't think I could persuade Sharon to go to Reading.. worst luck).

This time next week I'll be on a plane. Will have been for about 4 hours. I'm quietly scared, because my head has been so fucked up over the last few days. All I can think about is how much I might have changed and how much that will suck for people back home and how much I might miss London... all to the soundtrack of the White Stripes. Oh yeah, and constantly thinking about what it would be like to sleep with Jack White. Like, wtf?! what am I, 15?

Went to see American Music, a photographic exhibition by Annie Leibovitz at the Gallery At The Hospital. Her photography is great to someone like me who knows nothing about such things, but it was her image of the White Stripes (of course.. there had to be an angle) which was well worth the price of admission. I stood looking at it for about 15 minutes, mesmerised by the look on Jack's face, and Meg's total lack of interest (contrived for the shot, of course.. but so typically Meg). I have to say, looking at Jack in the picture he wasn't at his most attractive (Sharon was like "you can't be serious!") but I didn't care. *sigh*

I just can't help it. He's SO my type. Slightly chunky, broad shouldered, rock muso, broody. Ahh fuckit. I blame it on all the Lemsip I've been ingesting.

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