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Topic: Rants We got some rules to follow... oh what you do to me, no one knows
03:58am, Monday 9 Feb 2004
Song of the Day: Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows

Whoa.. what a weekend.

I think I've officially moved into dazed and confused territory.

On Fri night I went out with Howard & Michael for some drinks. They even brought dinner over to my house.. class act. Drank far too much yet again, but it was so good hanging out with them in a group again that I didn't really care. Ended up at the 12 Pins in Finsbury Park by which stage I can't really remember much so it must have been good. I remember Michael lecturing us on the importance of vocal communication in relationships (very funny, Sampson), as opposed to sending texts or emails whatever. Howard was talking for the longest time about an old love, and I just sat back and watched my two best friends talk and felt ridiculously happy. Is this insane?? I started it first this time though.. that much I DO remember.

I thought our relationship would change when I moved, but I had no idea how right I would be... I just got the scenario around the wrong way. We were supposed to meet up on Saturday to go to IMAX but the boys begged off citing some rubbish reason like a hangover or whatever. I dunno.. am I little too sensitive or just perceptive? I could just ASK.. but I am afraid of what the answer will be.

So on Sat night I stayed home and did random boring shit. I got a bit fed up with that and ended up talk to Michael (from back home) online. It was so bizarre. Talking to him real time and talking about past good times made me feel a little melancholy, but also highlighted just how bloody long I've been here.

The whole lack of sex thing is getting to me. I mean, its not like I don't want to.. but I just want to shag one specific person. A lot. And I can't because of some bullshit rule heirarchy. Fuckit. Annoyed. Communication breakdown. Much like this post.

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