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Topic: Rants This one goes out to the one I’ve left behind...
11:28pm, Friday 12 Sep 2003
Song of the Day: REM - The One I Love

Today is my last day at PwC. On Sunday my mother arrives from home, and we're off travelling for the next 6 weeks. I still don't know where we will go, apart from the Paris thing next week.

For my leaving drinks we went out for lunch and had a few drinks down on the river at the Horniman Pub (tee hee.. I know, I'm a juvenile) and to pass the time we took a wander down closer to Tower Bridge where David Blaine is suspended in his little plastic box.

If you haven't heard the story, basically he's this magician who has pledged to spent 44 days and 44 nights locked in a perspex box, suspended about 2 stories off the ground by a crane with little more than a journal, a doona (I will NOT say duvet!) a few clothes, a waste tube and a water tube. Thats it. No food, no entertainment, nothing.

He went up last Friday night, and on Monday morning there were stories of people pelting him with eggs, hitting his cage with golf balls and trying to blind him with those key-ring laser things. Every day I read a letter in the Metro where someone suggests throwing something else at him. One person wrote and suggested that everyone get down their tonight (Friday) and join him in throwing sausages at David.

While I think the stunt is a bit stupid myself, I don't begrudge someone else's right to it. He thinks its art, I don't - but loads of people have different definitions of "art". If it really bothered me that much, I wouldn't go and see him, end of story. Its not like he's splashed all over the papers. It's tall poppy syndrome at its worst, but instead of focussing on something worthwhile (e.g Holly Valance's complete lack of talent, or the sheer idiocy of Big Brother) for some strange reason, people have reacted quite violently to his harmless feat and are coming across as vigilantes. I don't understand it.

I've walked by David a few times now. Once last Monday, once on Tuesday and again today.. and after a week, he's starting to look a bit mad. It's sort of been like a ritual in the morning.. I come to work and look out the window to see if he's still there and sit down and turn on my pc. I've only been here 3 months or so, but I'm a bit attached to the place, I have to say.

In other great news, Powderfinger are playing the Shepherd's Bush Empire on November 5 and guess who has tickets? Yer damn right I have! I was so annoyed at missing out on Something For Kate when I first got here that I didn't mind coughing up 40 quid for the two tickets. I'm going with my best mate Liz and I'm sure it will go off. Naturally, no one outside Australia knows them, and I've even found a few people from home who don't know them (have been here waaaay too long!). I hear they have a new album out called Vulture Street (named after the street in Brisbane, I presume) which unfortunately we can't get here yet. If anyone wants to send me a copy, I'd be grateful :) (Hey.. it IS my birthday soon!)

I fell asleep thinking of home last night, mostly thinking about what I'd left behind and wondering how everyone was doing. Can't stop picturing Michael in a turtle neck jumper and the night we went to that restaurant high above the beach. I was so cold that night but so full of curiosity about the future. I know I should stop looking backward otherwise I won't go forward, but sometimes its nice to remember better/different times. I would sell my soul down the river for 5 minutes with that man again.

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